Cooking knives

First of all, cooking knives you will find three series of knives from Spain and Japan made with high carbon steel. Due,

There are two series of Spanish kitchen knives, called Simón PRO Forjado, made with a black fiber handle suitable for the dishwasher and an integral integral knife blade, and,

Another series called Simón PRO Micarta made with linen micarta handles with pure stainless steel pins and rounded and polished edge of the blade. In the meantime,

The Simón Damascus Japan series of Japanese cooking knives has the characteristic of being made entirely in

Japan with Sandvik damascus steel and a blade with a hammered finish, octagonal walnut wood handle with ebony wood bolster. Maybe

There are more famous and well-known kitchen knives on the market, but I assure you that you will not find semi-handmade

Spanish kitchen knives of Spanish forged steel as robust and performance as ours, with an unbeatable value for money.

Simón kitchen knives are made of integral forged steel finished entirely by hand, including their sharpening and leather sheaths, with a perfect balance of weights, therefore,

They are knives with which you will be comfortable working and will allow you to make a greater range of cuts of foods such as poultry bones, meat, fish and shellfish.