Simón Damascus Santoku kitchen Knife


Simón Damascus Santoku kitchen knife ideal for chopping vegetables and cut cheese, made of forged steel 19C27 hand hammered with damascus with brown walnut octogonal wood handle and ebony wood bolster. Ideal for chopping vegetables, cut meat & fish.

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Simón Damascus Santoku kitchen Knife 18cm

This Simón Damascus Japan Santoku kitchen knife model, meets all the expectations of a good table kitchen knife and chopping food cut with the addition that, thanks to its hammered blade, creates air pockets that non stick the food and thanks to its Traditional Japanese Hocho construction, with the blade tang embedded in the handle, feels very light and with the balance of the knife with a certain predominance in the blade.

The Santoku knife is originally from Japan. The word Santoku means the three virtues that are valid for cutting meat, fish and vegetables or also the three uses that a knife correctly performs, laminate, cut and chop.

Finally, a good Santoku knife must be balanced and made of forged steel, it can be single-alloy steel, two-alloy steel or the multilayer steel popularly known as Damascus steel, but you have to differentiate between a good Santoku knife from Spanish forged steel, like this Simón PRO Micarta, so

A balanced knife but with a certain tendency to have a greater weight on the blade, to be able to chop vegetables with greater comfort, or this other Simón Damascus Santoku kitchen Knife 18cm, with traditional Japanese construction, this with the tang of the blade embedded in the handle and greater tendency weight on the blade, somewhat lighter than the Spanish model.

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Product detail:

Made in: Japan Francia
Made of: Hammered Damascus Steel.
Presentation box: Included.
Blade size: 195 millimeters.
Total size: 300 millimeters.
Total Weight: 133 grams.
Warranty: 2 years.

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