Japanese knives

First of all, Japanese knives refers to a section of kitchen knives made entirely in Japan with classic assembly techniques. Therefore,

These knives are made of hammered finish damascus steel with eight-sided or octagonal wooden handles. Therefore,

The wood used to make the handles of these knives is walnut wood and ebony wood for their ferrules, as a result,

If you want to have an authentic Japanese kitchen knife, we recommend that you buy damascus steel knives with the tang of the blade mounted on the handle, like this,

you will have a kitchen knife in which the greatest weight resides in the blade so that you have to apply less pressure when cutting, in addition,

Its hammered finish will allow the knife to slide better and faster between foods, also obtaining more precise cuts.

In Japanese knives we have a complete range of Petty, utility, Santoku, Nakiri, Gyuto and Slicer knives to cover all your needs when cutting food.