Simón Damascus Kitchen Knives

First of all, Simón Damascus Kitchen Knives, you will find a range of kitchen knives made entirely in Japan. Therefore,

These knives are made of tempered damascus steel with a Sandvik steel base with a hand hammered finish so,

We work with knives with different types of blades and uses, all of them with a walnut wood handle with an ebony wood bolster. Due,

We have a wide range of models including the Japanese utility or Petty knife, the Santoku, the Nakiri model and on the other hand,

The Simón Damascus Gyuto Kitchen knives models in three different sizes and the meat carving knife or Slicer. To end,

All our knives are made with their integral blades in which the tang is fixed inside the handle, hand sharpened with ceramic stones and,

For all our models, we have walnut wood sheaths or sayas to protect the blades of the knives that include a wooden fastening pin.