Santoku knives

First of all, Santoku knives, we have a variety of knives made in Spain and Japan made with forged steel with high carbon content, therefore,

We have knives of this shape made with a honeycomb blade to prevent food from adhering to the blade, with the typical curved blade at the tip, as a result,

These knives are ideal for chopping vegetables quickly and precisely, thanks to its thin blade, its crva shape and the width of its blade, for,

Prevent your fingers from hitting us against the cutting board. So if you want a table knife to chop vegetables, cut meat or fish,

We recommend that you purchase a Santoku knives, existing models from the Simón PRO Forged series, with a black fiber handle suitable for dishwashers and also,

From the Simón PRO Micarta series of knives with ivory linen micarta handle, which are also dishwasher safe but are polished for a better grip, finally,

Our Simón Damascus Japan knife made of damascus steel with a hammered finish with an octagonal walnut wood handle.