Hunter knives

First of all, hunter knives, we offer one-piece knives with high carbon content under the Böhler N695 nomenclature, therefore,

Folding knives and fixed knives are made of tempered steel with blades emptied symmetrically from the spine of the knife blade, so that the cutting quality is optimal.

We offer pocket knives and hunter knives, El Criollo, La Forestal or Bowie, made in two different sizes, both the pocket knives and the knives.

These sports knives and pocket knives are made with olive root wood hilt, and some of stag horn, as a result,

We have a knife in two sizes and in two different handles with its handle nailed by eight nails externally, in a very elegant way, finally,

If you want a knife with a bowie blade for the field, we have two sizes also with micarta and olive wood handles,

as well as some models for harder jobs, Called Simón Forestal made with an olive root wood handle, the large model is available with a glass breaker at the lower end of the handle.