Mycological knives

First of all, in mycological knives, we offer our classic mushroom knives made with an olive or rosewood handle, therefore,

If you want to buy a mycological knife to pick mushrooms, we offer you these fantastic knives with tempered steel blade made in Spain that,

They have the particularity of having a square shaft that acts as a lock to avoid accidental closures and include a carabiner for transport, so,

Its olive root wood or natural rosewood handle without varnishes or waxes, gives them a pleasant and warm touch, ideal in the field when it is cold, as a consequence,

These mycological blades include a serration on the back of the blade to remove the hard soil adhering to the mushroom and, finally,

allow the mushroom to be cut by the stem. Both models of Simón pocket knives are equipped with a brush to remove surface dirt made with natural wild boar bristles, a quality product made in Albacete