Nail scissors

First of all, in nail scissors, we offer our selection of Spanish reinforced scissors in two different sizes, therefore,

Within these two sizes, in each one of them, you can acquire them both with a straight blade,

ideal for example for ingrown nails, as well as, With curved blade, ideal for cutting fingernails and adapting to the shape of the nail comfortably. Due,

These nail scissors are manufactured starting from hot forged steel rods, later quenched and tempered of the steel, so that,

The quality of cut and the durability of the edge is guaranteed for years, also thanks to its internal concave grinding with which cutting precision is obtained. Finally,

if you want to buy a quality nail scissors, buy Spanish scissors made in Albacete, Simón brand, a prestigious brand that selects the best products from Spanish manufacturers.

When you try a Spanish produtcs for nail made with forged steel rods and a chrome-plated back to prevent rust,

You will see the difference with the rest of the scissors on the market.