non-drip glass oil bottle

First of all, in non-drip glass oil bottle, we present some classic Spanish oil bottles made of lead-free glass with an anti-drip spout. Therefore,

These oil bottles allow the olive oil to be dosed with precision without spilling not a drop on the table and they allow to recover the oil that oozes from the spout thanks to its oil recovery channel. Due,

These non-drip glass oil bottle are available in two different formats in three different sizes, in a capacity of 125 milliliters, 200 milliliters and half a liter, for this reason,

They meet the expectations for anyone who wants a table oil bottle, an oil bottle for breakfast toasts or an oil can for the kitchen. As a result,

We have transparent glass oil bottles with removable spout for filling and grinding for an excellent fit, made in Spain in borosilicate, a material used for laboratory test tubes.