Olive oil glass bottle

First of all, in Olive oil glass bottle, we present some classic Spanish oil bottles made of transparent glass with an anti-drip spout. Therefore,

These oil glass bottles be used for all types of edible vegetable oils for both domestic use and for hotels with precision. Equally,

These oil bottles do not spill a drop of oil on the table and allow to recover the oil that oozes from the spout. Due, You can buy oil cans in two different formats, Gondola and classic pyramidal models of up to 500 milliliters. For this reason,

You can have a container to dose the oil, see the interior content, keep it in the most appropriate way and, if you want a replacement spout, you can buy it separately. As a result,

We have transparent oil bottles with removable pourer for filling and grinding with its polished edge so that it has an excellent fit, made in Spain. in addition

You will be able to enjoy the authentic glass oil bottles of the La Marquina design and with the new cylindrical design called Gondola.