Paring knives

First of all, Paring knives, we offer a series of peeling knives made of integral forged steel made in Spain for different uses, therefore,

These knives exist in three different models, the classic peeling edge from our Simón PRO Forged series,

The turning edge, which is for making shapes in a potato, for example,

And the narrow blade peeler that is ideal for boning small birds such as a quail or a partridge, also made of forged steel, as a consequence,

These Paring knives are professionally known as hand knives, as most foods are cut by holding them in the hand, given their size. Thus,

These forged peeling knives are sold with a leather sheath included so that they can be stored in a drawer without the risk of being cut, finally,

If you want a quality knife that is very handy, both for slicing potatoes and for peeling vegetables, we recommend that you buy these knives.