Pic-nic sets

First of all, in pic-nic sets, we offer a three-piece stainless steel set with a padded case to be attached to a belt. Therefore,

If you want to buy a quality pic-nic sets both for eating in the city and for when you go on excursions to the countryside, this cutlery is ideal. Due,

It is equipped with a can opener, a knife with a serrated blade, which allows you to open a seal from a container with its tip, and the micro serrated that prevents,

Let the edge of the knife wear out. In addition, this camping cutlery has a spoon and fork size ideal to drink a soup or eat some lentils. Do not hesitate,

This Pic-nic set offers you the versatility of a traditional table cutlery with compact proportions and a light weight, made in Spain for Simón.