rotating ham holders

In the first place, rotating ham holders, refers to the wooden or stainless steel tables that we work to hold the ham. Therefore,

When the Iberian ham is well attached, we can make the slicing in a safe and comfortable way, so,

We recommend you buy a rotating ham holder to be able to take advantage of the entire ham leg and also be able to prepare it by removing the crust safely, then,

These devices guarantee the stability and hold necessary to cut the ham thanks to the table that they make of the leg by the shaft of the same,

With up to eight holding points and leg prison that, with its three hundred sisxty degree rotating systems, allow you to cut the ham horizontally.

Do not hesitate, the ham holder with steel jaws for the ham are safe, stable and very comfortable, so you will enjoy the experience of cutting the ham.

There are two rotating ham holder, one with a wooden base without skewers that prick the leg or shoulder of the Iberian ham,

and another folding model with a stainless steel table that does prick the leg.