Sporting folding knives

In the first place, in Sporting folding knives, we have made knives with two different formats according to our experience over years, therefore,

These sport pocket knives are offered in the shape of a bowie blade, with two different types of handles, in olive wood or black linen micarta and, also,

With the format of a Forestal knife, that is, a knife with a blade in the shape of a spear and a handle made of olive root wood treated in a dryer for eight months, so,

If you want to buy a knife to eat out, cut a rope, open seals or scrape, these Spanish folding knives with back lock are ideal. Then,

These pocket knives are built starting from metallic linings on which both the spring mechanism and the nailed grip are embedded, as a result,

we have extremely strong blades, with polished inner sheet, Böhler N695 steels, entirely hand sharpened  with ceramic wetstones and to finish,

Within the Forestal model, we have the large size with a rear glass breaker valid as a rescue knife by size and uses.