Large Japanese nail nipper Mirror


Large japanese forged stainless steel nail nipper with 45 degree angle cutter in mirror polish finished. A nail nippers perfect for cut fingernails and toenails that allows you to cut your nails with little effort, made of stainles steel mirror finished with a twenty eight hand polishing processes. Hand made in Japan with telescopic shock absorber.

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Large Angled Japanese nail nipper Mirror

Large nail nippers valid for cutting fingernails or toenails, made of forged stainless steel in a mirror polished handfinish with a telescopic shock absorber spring system and 45 degree angular cut for perfect penetration into the nail tips with precision cut. Therefore,

A delicacy of cutting and precision with the ease of being able to cut the nails of one person to another thanks to its frontal-angular cutting mouth with a mirror finish with twenty eight hand polishing processes of 100% stainless steel.

With this nail nippers, you will not resist any type of nail for cutting, whether of hands or feet, whether normal, hard or thick, thanks to its angular and concave frontal shape of the cut, it allows you to be able to insert the tip of the nippers on a toenail,

even if it is ingrown and to be able to make the cut with total precision and comfort with minimal effort to cut it. Considered the best nail nippers in the world, made for Cuchillería Simón Selección hand crafted entirely in Sanjo, Japan.


Characteristics of olive wood and Takohiki knives

Do not hesitate, if you want to buy an authentic Japanese knife from the Yoshihiro Yauji knifemaker, we offer you in our Madrid store, a collection of handmade knives made of damascus steel with asymmetric blade and hand hammered with walnut wood grip and bolster of Ebony wood.

The Simón Spanish forged kitchen scissors are made starting from a steel rod that is hot forged to later be cut and continue with the mechanization of the two main pieces. In total, between the forging and the different manufacturing processes, including grinding, polishing and sharpening, we can talk about more than eighty manufacturing processes until we achieve the final product.


Product detail:

Made in: Japan Japón
Material: Forged stainless steel.
Finished: Hand polished mirror
Total lenght: 121 milimeters.
Weight: 81 grams.
Warranty: 5 years



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