Classical Spanish folding knives Simón

First of all, Classical Spanish folding knives Simón, you will find a selection of Sevillian folding knives made in Spain, therefore,

There is a variety of models made of tempered steel alloyed with molybdenum and vanadium with handles of bull horn and Spanish deer, with which,

We highlight our Seville model pocket knives in up to four different sizes and our pocket knives our Julián Galván pocket knives, for this reason,

We have in stock a selection of Classical Spanish folding knives Simón the most requested and useful folding knives,

if you want to use them as the Sevillian models with curved blade with double bolster, as well as,

The classic models of the knife maker Julián Galván such as the Jerezana, the Estilete or the Mozárabe,

made in stag horn entirely by hand, then,

If you want to buy a classic Spanish pocket knife from the best 20th century knife craftsman in Spain with forged steel blades, you will find them here.

We have a selection of pocket knives made with a bull horn or stag horn handle in four different sizes, with which,

In addition to being elegant pocket knives, they are very useful for their shapes and totally handmade and have a locking system called billet with,

External tile spring made of stainless steel or interior carved or polished according to the chosen model.