Spanish knife medium Simón Sevillana bull


Simón classic Spanish folding knife, Sevillana model, nine half centimeters blade with bull horn handle and external spring wrought with double lower and upper bolster. Hand-made entirely in Albacete, Spain.

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Classic spanish knife medium Simón Sevillana bull horn

Simón classic Spanish folding knife, medium Sevillana model, 9,5 centimeters in blade, with handle of authentic Spanish bull horn with external spring worked with a file. Blade made of mova forged steel hand-made entirely in Albacete, Spain.

This classical folding knife is made from aluminum linings, which are cut by die in which the bull’s horn is subsequently mounted, which is cooked, sanitized and evened out entirely by hand, to then make the blade from the template the size to be made. The lower and upper part of the handle are provided with a brass bolster that reinforces the handle on these parts.

The classic Spanish pocket knives have a stainless steel retro locking system and are made of bull horn or deer antler. Materials such as nickel silver, brass and embossments or decorations hand made entirely with burin are characteristic signs of these knives. Knife craftsmen of the highest level, such as Julián Galván Hellín, as well as José Expósito Picazzo,

are the artisans who make the classic Spanish knives that make up this section, with MOVA forged steels of Spanish origin, billets in steel with a jump ratchet or several ratchet breaks, hollowed out and hand sharpened entirely. Do not miss our collection of Spanish pocket knives available in our Madrid store!




Due to being collectible pieces and being made entirely by hand with natural materials, each piece is unique and different, both due to the color of the handle and the width of the blade.

Product detail:

Made in: Spain Francia
Steel: Molibdeno vanadium steel.
Handle: Bull horn and tempered steel
Blade lenght: 94 milimeters.
Total lenght: 212 milimeters.
Weight: 76 grams.
Warranty: 2 years.


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Spanish knife medium Simón Sevillana bull