Spanish knives

In the first place, Spanish pocket knives refers to the selection of both classic Spanish pocket knives, Seville, Jerezana or stiletto models, as well as,

To the Spanish sports hunting or outdoor knives for eating, skinning, cutting ropes, to catch mushrooms as long as they are foldable. Therefore,

In this section, you will find knives made of forged and tempered steel with materials used in Spain such as olive root madra handles,

As well as handles made of bull horn, stag horn or rosewood wood, all of them natural, dry-treated or horns sanitized before working. As a consequence,

authentic pocket knives with classic billet locking systems, back lock or square shafts with semi-locking function.

Some functional pocket knives, sharpened entirely by hand with water-based ceramic stones, bowie-type blades with olive wood or linen micarta handles and others.

Buy these knives of the best quality, made in Albacete, city of cutlery in Spain and enjoy different knives.