Jerezana Pen knife Julián Galván stag horn


Classic Spanish folding knife model Jerezana of 9cm of blade with bull horn handle and smooth forged inner spring with double embedded and nailed bolster made entirely by hand by Julián Galván Hellín in the 1970s.

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Jerezana Pen knife Julián Galván stag horn

Jerezana Pen knife Julián Galván stag horn of 9 centimeters of blade with handle of authentic Spanish satg horn with forged and hand polished inner spring with double forged pure steel bolster with shaft with convex head. Blade made of mova forged steel made by Julián Galván Hellín in Santa Cruz de Mudela, currently deceased since 1991.

This knife is handmade entirely beginning from zero, the inner linings are cut, the horns for these linings are measured, the size of the blade is calculated according to the handle, and then the bull or deer horn is assembled, which is cook and sanitize. The lower and upper part of the handle are provided with both bolsters of the handle that, when nailed, come to the most robust knife. So,

These bolsters are also hand made entirely and inclined in their union part with the shaft so that the fit is perfect. Subsequently, the blade of the previously forged knife is mounted and the bolsters and the spring of the knife are installed, which previously has been mounted with its lock also made of solid, non-hollow steel. This model of “Jerezana” knife was used to eat in rural areas in the past, hence its extremely elegant, slightly curved and thin blade shape.

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The history of Julián Galván

The knifemaker Julián Galván Hellín, born in Santa Crus de Mudela in 1922, son of Julián Galván Arroyo, from whom he learned the trade, is considered posthumously the best knife craftsman of the 20th century.
He was the first prize for craftsmanship in cutlery at the provincial exhibition in 1974, today and due to the reluctance of his last years of life to sell collectible knives of his property made throughout his life, the knives that this knifemaker made are considered works of art and extremely valued for their scarcity.



Due to being collectible pieces and being made entirely by hand with natural materials, there may be tolerances of the horns with which the handles are made that make each piece unique and singular.


Product detail:

Made in: Spain Francia
Steel: Echevarría, carbon molibdenum vanadium.
Handle: Stag horn and forged steel
Blade lenght: 90 milimeters.
Total lenght: 190 milimeters.
Weight: 55 grams.
Warranty: 2 years.


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