Classic spanish knives

In the first place, in Classic spanish knives, we have two types of pocket knives made by different artisans, Simón classic pocket knives and Julián Galván pocket knives. Therefore,

All the classic Spanish knives that we work with have billet lock, are made with stag horn or bull horn handles and tempered steel. As a result,

A folding knife classic in Spain with steel linings, double bolster in steel or nickel silver, and external tile spring on Simón models and internal spring on Julián Galván pocket knives. Above all,

There are models called Seville pocket knives, with bull horn and stag horn handles in three different sizes and Jerezanas, stiletto or Seville pocket knives by Julian Galván.

The folding knives in Spain are characteristic from the 16th century in Albacete, using steel, nickel silver, bull and deer horn, wood and gold for their manufacture.