Back lock knives

First of all, within the back lock folding knives that we work with, we have models with a Bowie-type blade, which have the characteristic curved blade on the face of the edge and are provided with a lock, available with a black linen micarta handle or with a handle. of olive root wood. In addition, we have another model of knife, called Forestal, in which there are two different sizes, both with olive root wood grip, both with back lock, in which the large size is provided with a fixed steel tip to break glass.

Back lock folding knives hand made in Spain with böhler steel in different models and sizes, bowie models or forestal models made of olive root wood or canvas black micarta handles, hand sharpened with cerámic whetstones. So,

One-handed sporting knife with forestry models in which the large size has a tip to break glass, being useful as a rescue knife. Too, Pocket knives for field with bowie shaped blade with black linen micarta handle or made with olive root wood.