Classic spanish sevillana knife

Classic spanish sevillana knife made in tempered steel with curve blade and bull horn handle or real stag horn handle, therefore,

Classic Spanish folding knives made by the best craftsmen in Albacete, exclusively for Cuchillería Simón Selección, made of steel alloyed with molybdenum and vanadium, from Spanish steels, with solid and polished silver nickel bolsters, as well as stag and bull horn handles.

A selection of the best classic Spanish sevillian knives in different sizes and horns from Cuchillerías Simón Selección. So,

If you buy a classic spanish sevillana knife, remember that, this classical folding knives is made from aluminum linings, which are cut by die in which the bull’s horn is subsequently mounted, which is cooked, sanitized and hand evened out entirely, to then make the blade from the template the size to be made.

The lower and upper part of the handle are provided with a brass bolster that reinforces the handle on these parts.