Fish knives

First of all, fish knives you will find a section of knives to clean the fish and make sashimi-like cuts with clean loins. Therefore,

We work knives to remove the skin or make sashimi, with blades between twenty-one centimeters and twenty-four centimeters, as a consequence,

Our knives for fish are made in Spain using one-piece hot-forged steel rods without welding, as a result,

We have knives with flexible and very narrow blades so that they adapt perfectly to the contours of food from the sea, finally,

You can purchase this type of knives from our two ranges of Simón PRO Forjado and Simón PRO Micarta knives, the latter with linen micarta handles.

Do not hesitate, Simón forged knives are the best option if you want a light, flexible and balanced knife to work comfortably in the kitchen.

This knives, with leather sheath included in brown for our series of basic range and high quality grain leather knives,

In black high qualty, for our series of ultra flexible and very thin micarta knives to remove the skin from food with easily