Kitchen knives kit

First of all, kitchen knives kit, we offer sets that include the knives we think are necessary for the basic functions in a kitchen, therefore,

These kits include a paring boning knife, a classic paring knife, a boning knife, a fluted Chef’s knife, a bread knife,

A cermaic sharpening steel, and the roll-up knife bag in fabric t to store all utensils. As a result,

If you want an authentic kitchen knives kit, we recommend that you choose both our Simón PRO Forged or Simon PRO Micarta, so,

Spanish knives made of integral forged steel with ivory micarta handles suitable for dishwashers in which,

The chef’s knife has a honeycombed blade and rounded edges and handles to prevent food from sticking to the blade of the knife. Finally,

These knives have a one-piece forged steel central ferrule that gives them a much higher robustness than other welded or injected knives.