Simón Ham Professional Cutting Kit


Simón PRO Micarta series professional ham slicing set with a Japanese cloth knife roll bag that included ham or shoulder skinning knives, two boning knives, chef’s knife, ham slicing knife, diamond sharpening Steel and ham holder.

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Simón PRO Micarta Ham Professional Cutting Kit

Professional kit to hold and cut Spanish Iberian ham or shoulder, that included a paring boning knife, a classic boning knife, a ham skinning knife, a ham cutting knife, a chef’s knife, a knife diamond sharpening steel, a Simón ball joint safety ham holder and a Japanese cloth knife roll bag for carry or protection, made in Spain except for the roll bag knife, which is made in Japan.


Detalle del producto:

Made in: Sapin Japón
Made of: Forged Steel, canvas micarta & wood
Pieces: Five knives, sharpener, roll bag & ham holder
Set total weight: 8,1 kilograms.
Garantía: 25 years



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